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nformation sources that can be utilized during the evaluation, reconciliation of case data report measures, and the quality improvement review process include, but are not limited to, the following:

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Mary Wachtel
04-03-2020 (12:09pm)
Overall, we believe this is an opportune time to shift the CPOE review towards a more data-driven approach and less reliant on case reviews. Over time, data reports through SACWIS, ROM, and BIC have become more available and are a largely untapped resource for CQI initiatives at the local level. In addition, the current case review component for most counties is not of sufficient size to be statistically valid, raising concerns about the value of case reviews in this manner. We suggest focusing the CPOE review on one or two key issues that can “move the needle”, such as quality of home visits, and review a wider range of cases on those limited issues. In other words, develop a review that is limited in scope but broad in the number of cases reviewed for those issues. The CPOE process should align with best practices for evaluation and research, including accounting for size and capacity of each county, i.e., not all counties have dedicated CQI staff.
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