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(C) The CPOE review of the PCSA shall include, but not be limited to, the examination and analysis of the following in relation to the PCSA's delivery of child welfare services to children and families: (1) Outcome indicators involving child safety, child permanency, and child and family well-being. (2) Compliance with statutorily mandated PCSA responsibilities. (3) Selected child welfare program components across the continuum. (D) The CPOE review shall include discussion and inquiry as to the systemic factors that contribute to the PCSA's delivery of child welfare services including, but not limited to, the following:

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Tim Schaffner
04-02-2020 (5:06pm)
Trumbull County Children Services is very concerned and disagree with the inclusion of screening decisions as part of CPOE 12. We agree that screening is a practice area that can be examined and improved; however, we believe this must be done outside of the CPOE 12 review process. Because CPOE reports are public documents, it is not appropriate to include items in this process that are not spelled out in ORC or OAC but rather leave the review solely to the discretion and judgment of the reviewers. Instead, work on screening could occur parallel to the CPOE review process and also include the advisory group mentioned below. This work could then inform the screening guidelines which have been under review and revision for the past several years. We have similar concerns regarding the possibility that screening classifications, report dispositions, and child placement decisions could be added to future CPOE iterations. These decisions are all the interruptive application of local legal expectations cultivated over time. They are more art than science. This would make it impossible for a TAS to fairly and objectively review these decisions. Therefore, we suggest adding the following as new sections (D) and (D) (1) … (D)(3): (D) The CPOE review of the PCSA shall not include an examination and analysis of the following: (D) (1) Report screening classification and decisions. (D) (2) Report dispositions. (D) (3) Child placement decisions.
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