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PCSA requirements in providing family first prevention services

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Jennifer Hafner
10-13-2020 (9:38am)
One concern that stands out to me is the minimal required contact between the PCSA and family. A child/family who has been identified for this particular track is described as “at serious risk of entering or re-entering foster care”. “Eligible candidates” listed in A 1-13 describe children, for example, as “a child who suffered a near-fatality resulting from child maltreatment with a substantiated or indicated child abuse or neglect disposition”. However, with these serious risks, according to G, the minimum required contact with the family is only one face-to-face contact with each parent, guardian or custodian, and child participating in and being provided services through the "Prevention Plan” at least one time every other calendar month, with at least one contact every two months conducted in the child's home. How can you be assessing the safety of a child when you are only seeing the family every other month? A lot can happen in 8-12 weeks. I feel the minimum requirement for PCSA contact with families should be face to face with all parties at least once a month to be able to assess safety.
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