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PCSA requirements in providing family first prevention services

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louis devault
10-24-2020 (1:44am)
https://youtu.be/OLov1493kVw This video tape has been floating around the internet indicating a foster care home from the state of ohio. The purpose is for training the concerned advocates of CPS in every state. especially during national child protection month. There is a rising tide of concern among the public dealing with child protection services because of financial malfeasance. They are spending to much money, all the while delivering questionable services to their clients. I was made very much aware of their poor work ethic many years ago and my family was suffering so I threw a small percentage of my income to track the money and monitor the services they rendered by interviewing many of their clients. This quest lead me to places I normally would not have gone, and it did relieve my family of the CPS dangerous presence over our lives. I know what works and what does not work in dealing with the child protective services and it certainly worked in our family tragedy very well. The first piece of the puzzle many are searching for is [1] Why do the courts not work? Forget about them they are broken start to finish. They have been for years! Court rulings exist only to justify all cases that are prosecuted. The mission there is to create a framework to release tax dollars by the bushel to various governmental agencies from both state and federal services. The courts are absolutely not about right or wrong, they are part of the process of authorization of tax dollars period. If you want morality go to church or read a book, those changes are internal to your families ethics and are taught at home. If you find yourself or your family drug into this corruption and you want to be left out of their games then you have to become a bigger threat to the prosecutors than they are currently being to you. You must conduct a parallel investigation by hiring your own qualified sources and gathering un impeachable evidence to send them on their wicked way. Video taping the truth about what they do and say is the only way that can occur. VTS 01 1 It's not just the Sandusky kids. Everywhere this type of CPS oversight and orchestration has happened! What do we do from here? Are more criminal prosecution... Louis Devault https://youtu.be/hOIUQ3N6qJI VTS 01 1 It's not just the Sandusky kids. Everywhere this type of CPS oversight and orchestration has happened! What…
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