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PCSA requirements in providing family first prevention services

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Amanda Beach
10-28-2020 (7:20pm)
C 6 suggests a decision will be made differentiating a Family Case Plan from a Prevention Plan. It seemed in the presentation as if a prevention plan and case plan could be occurring simultaneously and wrapped into or out of each other as the circumstances called for it. Has this been changed? It seems the list under (C) (The PCSA is to complete an assessment of safety and an assessment of risk for eligible candidates to determine the following) should also include safety factors present, the presenting strengths of the family, and the current risk level. Regarding (D) 2 - If reunification occurs the Family Case Plan should remain rather than transitioning into a Prevention Plan? Should (H) 2 include needed or desired “behavior change”? The check-ins seem to be around safety and not risk. If the family is referred based on risk, while safety is always to be assessed, should the risk not be a part of the check-in meeting?
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