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Children services definitions of terms.

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Shelby Cully
10-29-2020 (3:24pm)
Regarding the definition for “Candidate for prevention services” - the proposed definition the way I read it states that a candidate is someone identified in a prevention plan. This seems circular in that when determining if a child is appropriate for a prevention services they must be a child already named in a prevention plan. Also, in the definition the child is only a candidate for prevention services if approved prevention services are being provided. Both of these requirements are subsequent to determining if a child is a candidate for prevention services rather than a precedent event. How I read this is that a candidate (someone likely to receive or suitable for) for prevention services is someone who is named in a prevention plan and receiving approved prevention services. Is the correct reading of this definition? If so, is this definition merely for the identification of those who qualify for IV-E funding? If so, would it be appropriate to state that at the beginning of the definition.
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