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Supportive services for prevention of placement, reunification and life skills.

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Lisa Dickson
10-27-2020 (10:26am)
On behalf of ACTION Ohio and the OHIO YAB, please review the youth recommendations and testimony that are located at this link: https://fosteractionohio.org/training-track-proposal/ In reference to: “To assist a child who has attained the age of fourteen to prepare for transition from substitute care to independent living and self sufficiency…” A concern which has been raised repeatedly by Ohio foster youth is the need for more consistency when it comes to independent living service preparation. It is important to note that preparing foster youth for young adulthood is required by federal law. In reference to: "Life skill services are a series of developmentally appropriate services or activities providing an opportunity for a child to gain the skills needed to live a self-sufficient adult life pursuant to rule 5101:2-42-19 of the Administrative Code…” Life skill services is nebulous term. There are specific categories of resources that every Ohio foster care teen deserves to be informed about and connected with, such as academic support, post-secondary support, career/vocational, health, housing and legal resources. Is there a way to better ensure that the robust array of services that are referenced in Ohio Administrative Code: 5101:2-42-19 Requirements for the provision of independent living services to youth in custody are more consistently made available to foster youth ages 14+ throughout the state of Ohio? Perhaps by requiring every county to have an Independent Living Department, as referenced in youth testimony?
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