Disruptions in the vodafone cable network – server problems solved

disruptions in the vodafone cable network - server problems solved

Vodafone’s cable network experienced internet connection disruptions on monday and tuesday. On monday evening and tuesday morning, up to 500 people had been injured.000 customers affected, vodafone spokesman said tuesday.

In the course of tuesday morning the disturbance was repaired, it was said. Customers in north rhine-westphalia, hesse and baden-wurttemberg repeatedly had problems dialing into the internet with their guesses. This is the territory of the former cable network provider unitymedia, which was taken over by vodafone last year.

According to the company, the reason for the partial outage was a problem with a server that controls internet traffic. A software update and a new configuration had solved the problems. On late monday evening, the company had initially given the all-clear prematurely. Although it was said that the problem had been solved, it reappeared in many places on tuesday morning.

According to the spokesman, there were no disruptions to landline phone calls, only the internet was down. There was no connection to the high network load caused by the corona crisis in the current outage. Since many people work from home and streaming or online games are in great demand as a leisure activity, network providers are experiencing high utilization rates. So far, however, the networks in germany have remained stable.

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