Fdp wants to score as “voice of reason”

The FDP did not make it into the parliaments in the federal and bavarian state elections. But she wants to continue to be represented in the coburg city council as a "voice of reason", as hans-heinrich eidt says. The 70-year-old is running for his seventh term, and for jens-uwe peter (30) it will be his first. Peter is the top and OB candidate of the FDP, having already proven in the run-up to the state election that he is a tireless campaigner.

Jens-uwe peter has identified the demographic development as a major problem for the city: on average, the people of coburg are getting older and older, while young people are becoming fewer and fewer. His counter-strategies: to design the city center in such a way that older people can still reach it and also shop for their daily needs. In addition to public transportation, the city needs an underground parking garage in the castle square to make the city center more attractive as a retail location.

Building blocks and skyscrapers
The city must also be made attractive for young people. A target group would be the students who come to the university and then settle permanently here. "We have to show that we are not a provincial town here", peter, who was born in coburg and works as a self-employed software engineer, emphasized the importance of this issue. He is not at a loss for buzzwords: "coburg doesn"t need a breath of fresh air, it needs new impulses", and "those who always build with small building blocks will never erect a skyscraper".

The demand for an underground parking garage at the palace square is also included in the FDP"s election platform, which was adopted after the list was drawn up. This includes many things that other parties also have in their program, such as the expansion of all-day schools or parking facilities at the train station.

The FDP would at least like to continue the plans for a new airport, maintain the level of social benefits "while at the same time easing the burden on the budget" and a new overall concept for bertelsdorfer hohe and the land of the former federal border guard barracks.

Demand for youth hostel
The rail link to sudthuringen is also in the program, but without a specific route being mentioned. The demands for the construction of a youth hostel, the renunciation of external appraisals for the city administration and for a freedom of information statute are very specific. This was done on a trial basis, but for a limited period of time. The city administration should be "with the aim of saving costs and improving performance" to be checked.

The FDP wants to discuss a whole series of topics in the next few years at least. These include a "city and technology museum in cooperation with the chamber of industry and commerce", the redesign of itzufer, the planning of brownfields and the "revision of the planning for congress hotel and anger parking lot with gymnasium".

There were no changes to the 40-name list proposal. In his closing remarks, hans-heinrich eidt expressed his thanks to all those who, by running for office, "support the FDP in getting into the city council without themselves wanting to get in". As far as the work of the city council is concerned, the FDP sees itself as a "voice of reason".

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