Finally rakoczy riding again

Finally rakoczy riding again

The obstacles for the equestrian course are dumping under the perforated roof of the tribune. And also the pulpit still stands, from which the judges looked down critically on the athletes. Nothing more indicates that great dressage and jumping competitions took place here in the au – on the square between the tower and the runway of the bad kissing airfield. The rakoczy horse show did not exist for three years. This will change soon.

The joy was formally to be traced by the online channels at the beginning of may. The bad kissingen equestrian club posted on facebook that the invitation to the 2. To 4. August planned rakoczy riding tournament is approved. The prerequisite for entering "the hot phase of preparation for the "most perfect tournament" possible to be able to get in.

For three years in a row, the dressage and jumping competitions could not take place "for lack of helpers", as the local writer marcus lipsius informs us. But in the meantime a lot has changed. Last year the 1. And the 2. Chairman back; the leadership of the association was taken over by timo sitte from bad bruckenau, supported by his deputy nicole schmitt. Also there is since september last year with hubert kaltwasser a new renter for the club’s own riding facility.

This year, according to lipsius, the association again sees itself in a position to gather the 150 to 200 helpers for set-up, dismantling and implementation, from the parking lot attendants, to the people at the obstacles, to those in the registration office.

The rakoczy tournament will offer dressage from class E to L and jumping from class E to class S*. This is different from the rough event that the equestrian sports association detter-weibenbach recently held at the rhon equestrian center. The tournament there shone above all with many high-carat S-jumping competitions, in which the riding elite from all over germany took part.

But the rakoczy competitions are not intended to compete with the now established detterer tournament, says marcus lipsius. They will be dedicated to a rough bandwidth of popular sports; a cruising class will also be offered. The writer and (future) tournament director relies more on the "charm" of one of the few grass-court tournaments with a special historical ambience. Here the new generation and semi-professional riders will romp around."

For this, a now already demarcated, 80 by 100 meters rough turf for the jumping tournament field will be prepared and sanded up. In addition, there is a dressage arena, 20 by 40 meters of sanded turf and a riding ring. Further out of town in the au will be the stables tents.

Marcus lipsius expects preparations to continue throughout july. "Three weeks before the tournament will see the first real thing." after all, the supply lines for electricity, water and sewage had to be laid extra.

As "our biggest problem child" but lipsius calls the tribune. Actually it is closed because of dilapidation. Water drips through the roof of the right wing during rain, part of the walls has been blown off by frost. The riding club would like to use the pulpit in this area, plus the spectator area in the middle and the left area. "We are in exchange with the city. They have promised us that we can run the tournament." lipsius was unable to find out from the city whether and to what extent the tribune will be prepared for this purpose. At least: workers gravelled at least the side access road to the gelande. In the whitsun vacations there will also be held the tent theater days. The writer of the equestrian club is looking forward to the rakoczy tournament, which, despite the three-year hiatus, is a rough tradition aueise. "Among the riders there is great joy that it will take place again.

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