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5101:2-39-03 Emergency removal of a child from substitute care placement.

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louis devaut
05-19-2020 (1:49pm)
these cases need immediately marked for special handling and marked for future compensation from the agencies direct budget one such case from Cincinatti was handled very poorly...and garnered international concern! The child was sexually abused in the home of temporary placement and then marked for rehoming...The child was re-homed with a child protection professional in Pennsylvania...The child was subsequently further abused and eventually killed in pa. Ohio has a very nefarious track record of summarily hiding their mistakes by rehoming out of state, without appropriate support services, and the child clients end up in dire circumstances for life...It is time we looked at they high profile cases and determined the real criminals with in our ranks instead of summarily hiding the client we are paid to serve in obscurity! I can attach many such cases for the boards viewpoint but the age of group sourcing ,internet , and poor performance on the part of Ohio children's services, has left the bureaucracy permanently in a very poor position ...The true solution is to proceed with more care fewer clients in order to truly save the clients we serve ...The current statistics have our clients we serve through child protective services failing at life at an average rate of 92%. That us worth looking at very seriously those failure rates amoung the children we serve are totally out of line with the monies we are given and in the next 5 years we need to truly turn those frightening numbers on their head...We must clear our ranks of dead weight which clearly we have subsidized for to long and serve our clients with greater care of there will not be a child protective services any longer and law enforcement will take the reigns of child protection...