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5101:5-1-03 Boards of county commissioners appointing of regional prevention council members.

Posted: July 27th, 2020

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Patricia Ameling
07-28-2020 (10:19pm)
I would suggest this propose rule be renamed because not every county in Ohio has a Board of Commissioners. For example, in 1979 Summit County Voters decided to replace the Commissioner form of government with a Charter government. The new, more responsive method of government began in 1981 with a seven-member council replacing the three commissioners. In 1988 voters increased the size of council to eleven members. Eight members represent specific districts, while three members serve at-large. In addition, Cuyahoga County voters adopted a charter establishing an Executive/Council form of government, eliminating the Board of County Commissioners and all elected offices except for the Prosecutor, fully effective January 2011. So, there are 86 counties with a Board of County Commissioners and 2 counties with Charter Governments. Therefore, the name of this rule is not pertinent to 2 counties.