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5101:2-40-02 Supportive services for prevention of placement, reunification and life skills.

Posted: September 28th, 2020

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louis devault
10-21-2020 (5:48pm)
many ears ago childrens services made some very poor decisions that had disasterous outcomes and radical changes in family cultures for many children the circumstances created were short sighted and in many cases down right dangerous and criminal...Families would be quickly reunified with no support services and the outcomes where less than extrordinary ...That being said lack of supervision and teams focused onn financial watermarks often overuled common sense ...families where left with little choice but to go on the offensive making the cases harder to manage and again dismal outcomes ruled the day...here is the outcome video tape gathered from one such dismal case...and the following requests for financil compensation in the after math of such actions...now is a chance to fight I have been part of this movement from vocal until now our family plight is on its second consideration for renumeration call the ohio attny generals office @ 614 466 5610 and tell them to pay for the damages cps caused...victims of crime compensation unit...here is the number 614 466 5610 and case...V20-11626-R - Louis Harold Devault Incident: Mar 5, 1995 V20-11626-R Reconsideration Claim STATUS: PENDING 9/29/2020Filed Date 11/27/2020Due Date CLAIMANTS Louis Harold Devault Sarah Elizabeth Devault Gabrielle Anette Devault Joseph Lon Devault ReconsiderationClaim Type COMPENSATION REQUESTED here is the video https://youtu.be/hOIUQ3N6qJI
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Spencer Izor
10-22-2020 (8:45am)
The primary goal of all supportive services should be to provide for the safety and welfare of the child. Family first legislation is that focuses solely on reunification first is extremely dangerous and putting children at risk of continued abuse and neglect as well as risk of reentering the foster care system with no plan for permanency.