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JFS 01348 Safety Audit

Posted: February 15th, 2022

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Karen Mullins
03-07-2022 (10:33am)
# 17, 22 and 23 All address UL approved (smoke detectors, heaters, fire extinguishers) Our (Licens...

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Whitney Yarberry
03-14-2022 (9:37pm)
Consider reordering the list within the safety audit to start with the items most often applicable t...

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Sarah Breetz
03-14-2022 (9:55pm)
Water temperature no more than 120 degrees (remove the minimum 110 degrees because it is not congrue...

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Sarah Breetz
03-15-2022 (2:59pm)
the last box "fire inspection date" on page two is not always applicable. It would be helpful to hav...

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Sarah Breetz
03-16-2022 (8:02pm)
On #26, i think it would be helpful to add a "will obtain" option for safety gates. Thinking of home...

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