Greenpeace chief calls for reform of world climate conferences

Greenpeace chief calls for reform of world climate conferences

"These night sessions are an absurd spectacle that often fails to do justice to the relevance of the content," kaiser told the german press agency. In madrid, the delegations did not finish on friday evening as planned, but on sunday afternoon after a record delay of more than 40 hours. Moreover, the diplomats had not made any important decisions at all, but had postponed them until the following year.

It was not acceptable for experts to negotiate among themselves and for the political level, such as ministers, to join in only in the second week, said kaiser. Otherwise, the content would "no longer be compatible with the world outside."Instead, politicians "should begin the u.N. Conferences by defining among themselves a common framework that will bring progress for the atmosphere and people," he demanded. After that, experts should put it into a "comprehensible text. "Why shouldn’t it be negotiated, for example, how the phasing out of coal or the phasing out of the internal combustion engine can and must be organized in each country??"

Kaiser also sees a problem in the fact that individual countries can block the entire conference. That "always leads to the lowest common denominator," he said. "That’s why it should be discussed once that qualified majorities will be used in the future."This is a way of "undermining the interests of the oil, coal and gas industries in the common good," he said. So far, the goal is for all of the nearly 200 countries to agree to the resolutions – because participation in the paris climate agreement, which forms the basis of global climate diplomacy, is voluntary.

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