Kronach clinic is prepared

Kronach clinic is prepared

Kronach because the corona virus continues to spread, patient visits to the helios-frankenwaldklinik are currently prohibited. "Only in serious, justified exceptional cases and only after prior consultation with the attending medical staff can a patient receive a visitor", the clinic announced. This includes closest relatives in the case of births and deaths that have already occurred or are imminent. Due to the current situation, we were not able to see the situation for ourselves. That’s why clinic spokesman stefan studtrucker has shared his impressions of walking through the clinic exclusively for frankischer tag. No-visitors" notices have been posted at the main entrance. These can be found throughout the building – both in poster frames and in display boxes, which are located in the elevators, for example", reports studtrucker. The notices that patient visits are temporarily prohibited were also posted on the individual wards and at each patient room door.

As studtrucker describes, the mabnahme is intended to protect the clinic’s patients and staff from possible infection. "Patients are recovering from an intervention or are undergoing acute treatment. These people are weakened and were hit particularly hard by any new disease, be it corona or the old familiar flu." on the other hand, the concern was also for the clinic staff, who had to be fit in this exceptional situation and not become carriers themselves. "The less personal contact, the less chance of infection", is the motto.

In order for patients to stay in contact with their families, they are provided with free telephone and internet access. "Hearing the voice of loved ones is an enormous support for the psyche", emphasizes studtrucker. Personal packing for the patients can still be handed in.

Cafeteria closed in the cafeteria have been placed warning signs and the seating has been thinned out. "Only our employees eat here, and they keep their distance from each other", studtrucker describes the situation. It must be ensured that there are always less than 30 people in the cafeteria at the same time. "Food and cutlery will only be distributed over the counter, so all guests can be sure that they will receive hygienic meals that no other guests have had contact with beforehand." isolation station

The helios-frankenwaldklinjk has set up a new isolation ward on the third floor. "At the moment, we generally accommodate patients with infectious respiratory diseases in this isolation ward, i.E. Not only confirmed patients or patients waiting for the test result of a corona trap", reports studtrucker. Currently, mainly classic flu patients were treated here. "Fortunately, we have not yet had a confirmed case of corona in the hospital." corona patients or suspected cases are only admitted here if they require inpatient treatment for this or another illness. "If the medical condition allows it, the home quarantine is preferable, because there is less risk of infection", reports studtrucker. In the event that permanent monitoring and care should be necessary, the patients are accommodated in the intensive care unit, where, among other things, artificial respiration would also be possible.

In general, the focus is on keeping a rough, medically appropriate distance from other patients or staff – either through isolation or protective clothing. "Imagine, for example, a patient who has just had surgery, then develops a mild respiratory illness, and is now being tested for corona because he had been on vacation in a crisis area two weeks before the surgery.", gives studtrucker to consider. Such a patient was moved from the normal to the isolation ward to create distance to other patients. "He would remain in the isolation ward until either his post-surgery care allows him to be discharged to home quarantine or until the hopefully negative test result arrives." the staff in the isolation ward is equipped with, among other things, a mouth and nose guard, gowns, gloves and a hood. Life goes on at the end of his tour, studtrucker also passes the board in the entrance hall with the names of the newborns, on which seven names are written. "These days, not as many guests as usual read the board, and it had to move to the other side of the aisle because of the visitors’ notices, but it shows us: life goes on, even in times of corona."

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