Mittag wants more doctors for the coburg region again

With a detailed outlook on his political goals and the demand for a strengthening of the rural area, the mayor of seblach, martin mittag, opened the state parliament election campaign last night at the political ash wednesday of the CSU local association. "Agriculture and the countryside are important factors," said hans michelbach, said at noon in front of a good 100 visitors in the "golden rose" inn.
Mittag is convinced that a livable rural area also needs good medical care. There is a need to catch up in this area in the coburg region, emphasized martin mittag and referred to the surveys of the association of statutory health insurance physicians, according to which 9 of the 23 unfilled physician positions throughout upper franconia are located in the coburg region alone. "If I have to drive 30 kilometers to the next doctor, then I can’t pay for it, as it is in the countryside", said the mayor of seblach.
Mittag also gave a clear rejection to the (still) valid trench extension contribution statutes. But there must be no quick fix when it comes to abolishing the relevant law. Clearly, said mittag, there must be no further burden on homeowners under any circumstances. That’s why the state of bavaria has a duty to help municipalities finance road construction projects: "in a state like bavaria, it must be possible to raise the 200 to 300 million euros needed for this purpose."
Sebastian straubel, the CSU’s first-ever candidate for election to the district council, called for stronger public relations work for the district: "we must make it clear to people how important this level is." here the acting district councillor, elke protzmann (neustadt), has already achieved a lot, which must be continued. In the recent emotional discussion about the restructuring of the kutzenberg district hospital, the lautertal mayor missed the positive developments at the facility. The fact that the district wants to invest around 100 million euros in kutzenberg in the coming years is an investment in the future viability of the hospital location.
Hans michelbach gave a detailed speech on coalition negotiations, including plenty of criticism of the SPD’s membership vote. The coburg member of parliament pointed out, however, that the coalition agreement also contained positive points for the coburg region. The goal is to invest twelve billion euros in the development of rural areas alone in the coming years. "This is an opportunity for our region", said hans michelbach.

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