More admission to the museum

Munnerstadt- the city raises the entrance fees for the museum. City councilors agreed with museum director nicolas zenzen's proposals at the youngest city council meeting.

It is a moderate adaptation, said nicolas zenzen. She was guided by the fees of other museums in the region. Admission for adults to the permanent and special exhibitions will be four euros instead of the previous three. Schoolchildren, students and groups of ten or more pay 2.50 euros (previously two).

The family card will cost eight euros in the future (previously six). Children and members of the friends of the museum have free admission. Group tours cost a flat rate of 30 euros plus admission. No flat fee for school classes and youth groups. Furthermore, there will be free public tours on a regular basis.

New logo

The town wants to be younger and more modern. A new logo is also planned. Munnerstadt graphic designer christine schikora presented ideas at the meeting. Christine schikora suggested to work with two variants in the future – one logo for touristic purposes and one that will only be used on forms/ correspondence of the administration.

For tourism advertising

General approval was given to the logo for tourist purposes, which represents the city towers in a modern form with the slogan "city/country/life" linked. The three towers were used to illustrate the cultural diversity and the historical background, while the slogan also described, in addition to the liveliness of the place, the natural and rural structure.

Once again faction consultation

However, the city councils were less open to changes in the logo for purely administrative purposes. Christine schikora had connected squares, each representing a part of town, to show that munnerstadt consists of many parts, but still belongs together. "We don't need a logo for the administration, said rosina eckert (forum aktiv), who preferred to stick to the preserved city coat of arms as letterhead. Georg heymann (CSU) also felt that the proposed administrative logo was too "unofficial". However, nothing was decided during the meeting. The town councillors are to consult again within their parliamentary groups.

A formality in the meeting was the confirmation of manuel gebner as elected commander of the volunteer fire department with loschgruppe windheim.

Fire department does not know where

Under inquiries, windheim's local spokesman klaus schebler (neue wege) criticized that the fire station in windheim is still not connected to the internet because the necessary router is simply not delivered. The firefighters were called to duty, but could not find out where to go at the fire station. "We cannot put up with this any longer", Schebler stated.

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