Oberleichtersbach principal bids farewell

"I had gladly still so much passed on", says siegfried klug. After 24 years, the principal of oberleichtersbach elementary school retires. He was particularly fond of his schools. "The appreciation of our homeland, but also of every human being, that's what I tried to convey to the students, wisely describes his professional understanding.

Klug leaves a big gap. 40 years of service as a teacher and later as a school principal. He began his career at the main school in schondra. "That's where I learned to walk, says the modlos native. He taught grades seven to nine there. During his time as a teacher and principal, klug was almost invariably fortunate enough to be employed in his home country.

Stands for the principal
1989 got clever the post as principal at the elementary school in oberleichtersbach. "A major change was necessary", this is how klug describes the change from high school teacher to elementary school teacher and principal. Klug quickly got to grips with the different learning content and the different behavior of the pupils. "Nevertheless, I have found my feet here very quickly", says klug. This was due to the helpful parents and, of course, the good staff.

The parents' council bid farewell to the principal in his own way. "The siggi will get it right", the parents wisely brought a little stand. Of course there were also difficulties or problems at times. "These were however always losbar", remembers wisely. Mayor walter muller (CSU) could not recall any problems between the school and the municipality: "and if they did, then they were solvable."

A exemplary principal
school board member rupert kestler thanked klug for his work. "Since 1989, siegfried klug has been in charge of the elementary school in oberleichtersbach." klug's insistence ensured that the elementary school would continue to have its own school administration in the future. Muller echoed the words of rupert kestler and thanked "siggi" for 24 years as principal at the elementary school in oberleichtersbach. "That's two-thirds of your professional life, siegfried has run his school in an exemplary manner", said muller.

Let's just let the retirement come to him. He is particularly looking forward to "no longer being stuck in a fixed raster.

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