Outgoing mayor wishes: weitramsdorf may continue to prosper

outgoing mayor wishes: weitramsdorf may continue to prosper

According to his own words, christian gunsenheimer remained in office until the end of his term of office on 29. April evening exactly 29 hours; he used a considerable part of this precious span to give an account of the past twelve years, in which he was a source of ideas and realized the direction of the municipal policy with the cooperation of the entire municipal council.

Gunsenheimer's review
What seemed to be important for him was to look back at the "beruchtigten" first 100 days" of every politician; here he collected – as a "youngster" – a lot of experience, as he called himself, – 2002 the first experiences, which were given to him by his predecessor hermann lankl as well as by the "old hares" had been willingly communicated in the municipal council.

The outgoing mayor consequently placed an honorary section at the center of the ceremony prepared by the administrative staff. Gunsenheimer honors his "teachers from 2002 by length of membership in the municipal council from. For six years, tobias franke, heidrun hauptmann, thorsten helmprobst, ralf mandler and andreas muller said goodbye with a precious jug.

Prasent and certificate
Wolfgang Friedrich was third mayor for many years, a councillor for twelve years and received the municipal medal of honor in silver. The same award with certificate went for 18 years to hartmut grosch and rudolf litzen. Joachim hahn leaves the board after 24 years. For his 24 years of commitment, martin gahn received the first newly designed honorary plate of the coarse community. Hahn was awarded the medal of honor in gold as well as werner strehler.

Strehler called out to his successors: "designate new residential areas for young families and challenge our association system!" it was joachim hahn who then acknowledged christian gunsenheimer's work, saying that he had never found anything so difficult as to say goodbye to this mayor. He had started many new projects. Gunsenheimer expressed his heartfelt thanks to all those who accompanied him for a dozen years and admitted that the relinquishment of his office would be accompanied by a distinct feeling of melancholy.

It live, it prosper, it bluhe
Nevertheless he wished his successor wolfgang bauersachs success in his work. A green tree cuttings handed over to bauersachs was supposed to "vivat, crescat, floreat"!" weitramsdorfs print. The ceremony was musically framed by eric konietzko on the piano, afterwards the ladies of the administration took care of the physical well-being with a delicious, cold buffet.

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