Firefighters 'rescued' one child at a time

"All children rescued!" – this was probably the most important message of a respiratory protection officer after returning from the smoky kindergarten after a fire department action week drill. The fire departments of the administrative community had done a good job.

The starting point for the firefighting operation was an unclear smoke development in the gym of the kindergarten and missing children in the building. A total of around 70 firefighters from the volunteer fire departments of redwitz, unterlangenstadt, obristfeld, marktgraitz, trainau and mannsgereuth were involved in the operation. Deputy commandant stefan will was in charge, KBM tobias winterbauer acted as an observer.

Walkers who walk from hainbad to suden these days will be surprised: the creek in the wildly romantic hollergraben has dried up over several hundred meters and the smell of rot hangs in the air.

If you continue on your way in the direction of buger spitze, you will find the explanation for the unusual lack of water in this otherwise lively little river. At the inlet of the hollergraben, under the bridge of the munchner ring, mountains of stones block off the creek. Construction fences shield the land from uninvited guests.
But the barrier will not be of much use. The curiosity of passers-by is rude, finally the river is turned upside down in the middle of the hain amusement park.

Neustadters are loyal customers

At luther’s bratwursthausla the moss is very busy. Despite lockdown, one car after another stops in front of the bratwurst stand. The customers order and then take their food with them. "It’s a bit quieter today, but people are still coming", says gunter georg, who has been working for four years as a sausage fryer at the traditional luther butcher’s shop in neustadt.

As the neustadter reports, the first lockdown had a stronger effect on sales: "many craftsmen generally come during the lunch break – they were no longer customers during the lockdown in the spring. The businesses were closed because their occupations were not considered systemically important." georg is all the more relieved that the craftsmen were allowed to work this time despite the lockdown.

Too loud, too shrill and too coarse

Teacher and cabaret artist christine eixenberger must know how the bavarian education system works. Your program "learning load" gives a deep insight into the mental lives of schoolchildren, parents and teachers.

Christine eixenberger grew up in schliersee. After training as a legal assistant and a few semesters of law, she studied to become a teacher for elementary schools, which she completed in 2015 with the state examination.