Bgs road in coburg suddenly a topic again

Creidlitz occupied the building and environment senate yesterday, because the city itself can create the building law for the new roads here. A road underpass is planned at the exit of creidlitz, right next to the train station. The fabrikweg crossing will also be replaced by an underpass, but only for cyclists and pedestrians. The city's building authority had previously assumed that the building law for the entire conversion could be created in a joint planning approval procedure.

But the railroad waved it off: it would not be possible in terms of time. That is why the city will now amend the development plan accordingly. The railroad will then initiate its own planning approval procedure for the bridges over the underpasses.

Elke englert the cabaret artist andrea volk showed in habfurt on the weekend, where it goes in the office everyday life long. With their program "festive evening! Buro and berks" she dealt with survival in the digital age 4.0.

Andrea volk presents herself for the first time in southern germany. She wowed with hearty comedy. First came the coffee she was served on the stage of the town hall, and then the daily routine of the office.

Police investigate after chemical alarm at dresden university

After a student had complained of nausea during experiments and a suspicious smell had been noticed, the fire department had declared a general alarm on thursday and evacuated the entire building affected.

More than 100 people – mostly students – were taken to hospital. However, no one was seriously injured. After several hours, the fire department finally gave the all-clear. All measurements were negative, a spokesman said late last night. According to police, it was not possible to determine whether toxic gas had been released during the students’ experiments at all.

It will be sharp, sharp and at least theoretically painful next friday at 19.30 o'clock in the bavarian brewery museum to go to. Everyone knows the terms sword, dagger and rapier or has heard of long knives. But what kind of weapons were they really? What they consisted of? And how were they actually used in battle? These are the questions that the friends of plassenburg castle are investigating together with historian, archivist and weapons expert daniel burger.
The expert will also demonstrate with real weapons that many movies and tv series like "game of thrones" are based on not necessarily show the correct handling of such objects. Medieval fights are often shown in films and medieval fairs as rough actions, as dull "hitting" shown. But this does not correspond to the historical facts. Doctrines from the 14th century., 15. And early 16. The eighteenth century shows that the european middle ages possessed their own, highly specialized martial art. This much is already revealed: long knives were not necessarily found in the cakes at the end of the middle ages.
On display will be precise modern reconstructions as well as blunt training weapons. The participation in the lecture evening is free of charge. 

way clear for corona direct aid to small companies

In the corona crisis, the disbursement of direct aid to millions of small companies, solo self-employed and freelancers is expected to begin in the next few days. Farmers should also be supported.

In total, federal funding of up to 50 billion euros is at stake. Federal and state governments reached an administrative agreement, according to the ministry of finance and the ministry of economics. This has allowed the states to draw down federal funds as of monday to disburse grants quickly and unbureaucratically.

breitbrunn community: cheers for the burgers

Gertrud buhl would have preferred to award many more community burghers this evening than she ultimately did. The breitbrunn mayor told the invited guests at the awards evening, which was held at the community center immediately after the council's final meeting of the year, that in her community she feels she is part of a large family that sticks together throughout the year "to the best of their ability" to take care of each other.
"Our community thrives on the fact that citizens live and work in it who are actively involved in the community." this can be seen as praise and appreciation for all breitbrunner,although some burghers stood out in the past years,who on thursday evening (21. December) were honored separately by the mayor.

In various categories (school; sports; family and social affairs), buhl highlighted the achievements of young and old members of the community. According to the mayor, ursula and hermann teufel's commitment is unusual: the couple has been caring for the river together "day after day" for 15 years ursula teufel's mother, who is now 89 years old and in great need of help. Here, too, buhl deliberately included those who were not on the list of honorees, but who nevertheless sacrifice themselves in a similar way for their relatives or friends: "the commitment of those who are often involved for decades takes place in silence, unaccompanied by photographers and reporters", buhl said. Often, the carers do not want to make a fuss about their work, which is why this award is a recognition of their strenuous work in a private, family environment.

Lenten sermon and fish dinner

"We can not change things, but the attitude to the facts we have in our own hands. The truth is to be expected of mankind. Lent is a time of training for our sense of reality, good for understanding the world as it is; accepting people as they are; liking ourselves as we have become. Above all: to work actively on how we want to develop ourselves into the person we can and should become." this was one of the key statements made by pastor edwin erhard in his "lenten sermon" the almost 100 participants of the comradeship of former soldiers, reservists and surviving dependents (kaerh) hammelburg were advised to. Traditionally, the kaerh begins the lenten season with a fish supper, of which the lenten sermon is a major part. Deputy chairman franz herrler was also able to bury mayor armin warmuth, the new commander of the federal armed forces UN training center, colonel werner klaffus, and also the new catholic military priest alfons schopf.
During the event, members were honored for their many years of service to the german armed forces association. Deputy chairman herrler, together with the chairman of the ERH on the sud regional board of the german armed forces association, bernhard hauber, presented a certificate and a loyalty pin to sergeant major a.D. Jurgen armbruster and bernd submann for 40 years of loyalty to the association and to sergeant major a. D. Walter kunszt for 50 years. Walter kunszt also played a major role in the creation and design of the kaerh’s commemorative publication on the occasion of its 40th anniversary in 2015.

No resignation: seehofer goes on vociferous counterattack

CSU leader horst seehofer has massively attacked his critics in the state parliamentary group in the party's power struggle. Right at the beginning of a closed session of the CSU parliamentary group in the state parliament, he attacked in particular members of parliament and members of the government who were engaged in the current debate on personnel, according to unanimous statements from the participants. The minister-president said on wednesday that the CSU is exposing itself to ridicule. It can't go on like this – the personnel discussion belongs at the party conference. The CSU is at a crossroads – namely, whether it will remain capable of governing.

There was long and strong applause for seehofer afterwards, it continued to be said from participant circles. Faction leader thomas kreuzer even spoke of a "good mood" with an ironic undertone. Even before the start of the meeting between seehofer and the 101-strong faction, the CSU leader had accused his critics of using personnel debates primarily to harm the entire party. "The damage has already been done, it can't be erased", he told journalists.

SPD member of parliament sabine dittmar has good news for the multigenerational houses in her constituency from the budget committee. In the so-called "purge" meeting it was decided that the federal government’s subsidy for the 540 facilities that exist in this area in germany would be increased by 10,000 euros a year, according to a press release by sabine dittmar.

"Excellent and successful work is being done in the multi-generation houses": sabine dittmar gives the facilities in habfurt, bad kissingen, bad konigshofen, schweinfurt or schwebheim a more than good report card. "The offer is diverse, varied and really well organized", declares the member of the bundestag. "For a long time now, multigenerational houses have become an indispensable part of social interaction in the communities." the good, steadily increasing visitor numbers speak a clear language from her point of view. "Without the multigenerational houses, something would be missing in the cities and communities."

25 years of the kitzingen parcel center: parcels all the way to the moon

A birthday cake with a red marzipan ribbon was the visible sign that the deutsche post parcel center in kitzingen was celebrating its half-birthday. For 25 years, tens of thousands of parcels have been sent from there every day to customers in large parts of northern bavaria.

Strictly speaking, it was the 27. September 1994, when the parcel center – one of the first in germany – started operations on a 112,000 square meter site in the industrial area towards albertshofen. Today, it is one of 36 such centers maintained by deutsche post DHL. All incoming and outgoing parcels with a postal code beginning with 97 or 96 on the sender’s or recipient’s address are handled there. The area is almost congruent with lower and upper franconia.