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Foster home certificate.5101:2-7-13
Required notification.5101:2-7-14
Additional requirements for a treatment foster caregiver and a treatment foster home.5101:2-7-16
Additional requirements for a foster caregiver for medically fragile children and a medically fragile foster home.5101:2-7-17
Chapter 5101:2-9 Children's Residential Centers, Group Homes, and Residential Parenting Facilities.
General maintenance of a residential facility.5101:2-9-04
Requirements for residential parenting facility and crisis care facility furniture, materials and equipment; diaper changing.5101:2-9-05
General safety.5101:2-9-06
Emergency planning and preparedness.5101:2-9-07
Fire safety.5101:2-9-08
Emergency medical plan and first aid supplies.5101:2-9-09
Storage of hazardous materials.5101:2-9-10
Admissions and admissions log.5101:2-9-11
Service plans.5101:2-9-12
Residential facility handbook for residents and their families.5101:2-9-15
Visiting and communications.5101:2-9-16
Child's money.5101:2-9-17
Recreation and leisure activities and equipment.5101:2-9-18
Personal belongings, hygiene, socialization, and education.5101:2-9-19
Food and nutrition.5101:2-9-20
Care, supervision and discipline.5101:2-9-21
Isolation, seclusion and restraint.5101:2-9-22
Notification and documentation of critical incidents.5101:2-9-23
Child and family complaint policy and procedure.5101:2-9-24
Residential parenting facility and crisis care facility location and programmatic requirements.5101:2-9-25
Living rooms, dining areas and lounges.5101:2-9-26
Kitchens and kitchen supplies.5101:2-9-30
Laundry facilities.5101:2-9-31
Building approval.5101:2-9-34
Additional programmatic requirements regarding behavior management.5101:2-9-35
Additional requirements for children's crisis care facilities.5101:2-9-36
Chapter 5101:2-13 Licensing Type A Family Care Homes.
Required agency policies, plans and procedures.5101:2-5-13
Chapter 5101:2-20 Adult Protective Services.
Adult Protective Services Definitions5101:2-20-01
Provisions for Adult Protective Services5101:2-20-02
Adult Protective Services Designated Agency Provisions5101:2-20-03
Adult protective services designated agency provisions5101:2-20-03
Adult Protective Services Case Records5101:2-20-04
Adult protective services assessment and investigation.5101:2-20-12
Adult protective services third party investigation.5101:2-20-13
Service planning and case review for adult protective services.5101:2-20-16
Chapter 5101:2-25 Title XX Social Services Program: Administration.
Uniform definitions of Title XX services and other definitions of terms used in Chapter 5101:2-25 of the Administrative Code.5101:2-25-01
Uniform definitions of Title XX services and other definitions of terms used in Chapter 5101:2-25 of the Administrative Code.5101:2-25-01
Title XX administration.5101:2-25-02
Title XX administration.5101:2-25-02
Title XX county profile.5101:2-25-03
Title XX county profile.5101:2-25-03

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