Regiomed in “heiber phase”

Actually, it was about the subsequent use of the old hospital building in lichtenfels. The county would now like to use an "expression of interest" procedure move forward and find an investor. For this purpose, district administrator christian meibner (CSU) has scheduled a special meeting for monday, 24 june. June, a special meeting of the district council scheduled. On monday, he informed the county committee about this. Since the hospital association has so far not been precise about the need for space in the vacant building, the county did not want to wait any longer. "A house doesn"t get better if no one lives in it", said the county administrator and asked for leniency that it has taken so long to get to the step now announced. He had imagined the whole thing to be simpler. There is definitely interest in the hospital building; just last week, a potential investor was looking around there, meibner noted.

Clinic reuse in focus

In the course of the expression of interest procedure, the district council was not obliged to agree to a sale to the highest bidder. Instead, it was possible to decide on a concept that had been submitted.

"We buried the", was the reaction to this from the SPD faction, which had already urged several times that the use of the existing building should be approached in a more accessible way. You can"t wait too long in the heiben phase regiomed is in, said faction spokesman frank novotny on monday.

Media reports from the coburg area about the hospital association, to which the lichtenfels hospital also belongs, were explicitly addressed. After a million-dollar deficit was very surprisingly admitted last year – among other things due to consulting and fee contracts – a "strategy and control committee" was set up has been deployed to shed light on the background. The fact that questions that were too clear had been leaked to the press in advance now also preoccupied the lichtenfels district committee. "What's wrong with our hospital?" asked heinz petterich (freie wahler). Many questions arose.

District administrator meibner referred to his duty of confidentiality as chairman of the shareholders' meeting. In general, he can say that the hospitals are earning less money, and regiomed has a problem. But he is sure "that we will get it back on track". Meibner said that there was "a campaign" being driven. The claim that chief executive bovelet, who has since left, was given notice is not true.

The afd-gebietsverband sonneberg has filed a criminal complaint for disloyalty "against unknown" put. Meibner praised the medical services provided by regiomed and said those who leaked internal information were harming the hospital group. CSU faction spokesman peter schmauser strongly reaffirmed this statement. And frank novotny (SPD) was also disappointed, after he himself had invested a lot of time in studying documents and attending meetings as a member of the control committee. "We were not allowed to release any information to the public."

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