Renovation of the creek wall does not slow down the fruit market

On sunday, 15. October, it is again so far: in the shade of the staffelberg takes place from 13 to 17 o'clock the meanwhile 12. Stublanger fruit market takes place.
Many stands will offer not only apples and pears, but also potatoes, walnuts and cucumbers. This year, exhibitors will display their locally grown fruit and vegetable products from the village fountain along the doritzen village road. For some time now, heavy trucks have been rolling through the town, and excavators are currently busy digging in the area of the hennemann inn. Here the renovation of the creek wall along the doritzen is pending.
For this reason, the central square "am dorfbrunnen" can be used as a parking lot will be used only partially. In 2005, helmut reinhardt, together with the then district advisor josef schroder, took the initiative and organized a fruit market. Today the stublang fruit market is well established. Here the owners of the orchards offer their products and everyone can buy fruit from the region.
Whether as an apple to rub in, as a topping for the wood-burning oven sheet cakes or sub as a bread spread. The apple porridge can not be missing to potato bagges of course. There is certainly something for everyone.
For the first time, a local direct marketer will offer sausage and ham. The fruit and horticulture association with its chairman helmut reinhardt will also have the "kren-fraa" again from pommersfelden and the "honey man" invited from unterleiterbach.
Nobody needs to go home hungry on this sunday: french trout from our own farm, smoked brick cheese, sausages, stublanger beer, apple mash with freshly made potato bagges or a fresh wood oven bread?
The "mother-child group offers tasty fruit kebabs, the altar boys serve the guests freshly baked waffles. There is something for everyone. In the parish hall the visitors of the fruit market will have the opportunity to taste delicious cakes and fresh doughnuts made by the women of stublang. There will be coffee.
The "small fruit market visitors can have fun in the bouncy castle, while adults can shop in peace and quiet. The fruit market takes place in all weathers. Numerous parking spaces are available. 

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