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5101:2-5-10 Child records.

Posted: March 30th, 2020

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Please note: This rule is in pre-clearance for 30 days for a five-year review.

(A) An agency providing twenty-four hour out-of-home care for a child shall maintain a case record for each child in out-of-home care which shall include but not be limited to the documentation as required by Chapters 5101:2-5, 5101:2-7, 5101:2-9, 5101:2-38, 5101:2-39, 5101:2-42, and 5101:2-48 of the Administrative Code as applicable to the certified function of the agency for at least five years after discharge.

(B) All written documentation required by the rules referenced in paragraph (A) of this rule may be maintained at a central office location except that a copy of each child's current service plan, an annually updated color photograph, and current medical records shall be kept on the premises of the agency office providing services to the child or at the residential facility in which the child is placed.

(C) An agency that holds custody of a child and places the child in a residential facility or foster home operated by or recommended for certification by another agency shall provide to the agency copies of all medical, social, legal, educational or other data within fifteen days of placement or upon request of the agency.

Effective: 12/1/2015
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 08/03/2015 and 12/01/2020
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 5103.03
Rule Amplifies: 5103.02, 5103.03
Prior Effective Dates: 12/30/66, 10/1/86, 7/2/90 (Emer.), 10/1/90, 1/1/91, 9/18/96, 7/1/00, 1/1/03, 12/11/06, 8/1/10

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a case record
Mike Jost
04-30-2020 (1:11pm)
The reference to a case record historically implies a paper file. Rule should be updated to include scanned/digital record as meeting this requirement.
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