The meeting hall is the first to fall

The meeting hall is the first to fall

Bernhard panzer the rough project for the new town hall is about to begin. Christoph schmidt from the architecture firm BSS in nurnberg explained the project to burgers on tuesday evening. The demand was limited to 15 visitors, the direct residents had already been informed separately.

As reported several times, the town hall, which was built in the 1960s, will be demolished and replaced by a new building. The work will continue until the third quarter of 2022. Now the schedule is roughly fixed. However, there may still be shifts, as mayor german hacker (SPD) pointed out. It is not known whether there are other historical treasures lying dormant in the earth around the castle. He, hacker, does not even like to think about the IHK building in nurnberg, which has been delayed for two years.

In mid january, on the third weekend to be exact, the staff at city hall will move, hacker reported. Puma’s former administration building in wurzburger strabe is available as a domicile for the construction period. Then the demolition of the building begins with the meeting hall. Beforehand, a detailed photo documentation will be written, so that the hall, in which many important decisions have been made over decades, will not be forgotten.

Bored piles

After demolition, the construction site must be set up. According to schmidt, numerous holes are drilled, with a diameter of 90 centimeters. Bored piles are sunk into them, which surround the construction site. They rise six meters out of the ground and reach just as far into the depths. This area alone will extend until the end of the year. Every fourth bored pile is anchored to the side so that the construction site perimeter remains stable. These anchors also extend under the castle, but this does not pose a threat to the historic building. A deep basement is not available there.

An essential part of this work is also the groundwater drainage. This is done via many pumps at a depth of six meters. "They will not be rescued", said mayor hacker. But the water could be heard splashing. The water is fed into the canal that leads from the wiwa pond to the aurach river. A pipe across the marketplace down to the river has not met with such rough approval, said schmidt with a sideways glance at hacker. Instead, waste disposal is now done underground.

Hubmann parking lot closed

The hubmann parking lot will be completely occupied during the construction period. So no longer be available as a parking lot. Hacker appeals to all motorists to use the rough parking lot at the schutt. However, 110 parking spaces for city hall employees will also be eliminated from the parking lot on the rahmberg. There could also be issued resident parking permits. In this context it was denounced that the market place is more and more misused as a parking lot. Hacker announced stricter controls of the park supervisors.

When the town hall is built, the late summer of 2022 will be reached. After that one could talk again about the construction of an underground car park with a burger center, which has been postponed so far. "The people want it", said hacker. This is what the isek process has revealed. Even if there are signatures against it. "There must be discussion again", said the mayor. "This is also the better option".

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