The tsv was able to rely on many helpers at the jubilee celebration

The tsv was able to rely on many helpers at the jubilee celebration

"The year 2019 was an outstanding year for TSV monchroden" – said president hans-joachim lieb on the occasion of the members’ meeting in the sports hall. Lieb was referring not only to the social events, but also to the sporting successes.

The president began by referring to the high point of the past year: the 150th anniversary celebrations, which took place with great fanfare over a weekend of festivities. According to lieb, a large number of helpers were needed to manage the celebration together. Lieb praised peter hantschel, the idea man and driving force behind the event, as being at the forefront.

The second major event was the joint children’s festival with the school, the local heritage association and the fruit and gardening association, with a procession to the sports field. At this event, the thanks of the president went to the main organizer, gerlinde schwenk. The next highlight was the city championships in tennis. The fourth action ran with the prinz-albert-run from the ehrenburg to the festival tent in oeslau. "It was all very laborious, but the result was worth it", lieb emphasized.

A dream at the wildpark

Dreams also came and go true. An emergency lighting system on the artificial turf field will be implemented as soon as possible, and plans are underway for a new facility "at the game park station can begin – thanks to financial support from the state of bavaria. The athletics facility was also inaugurated.

Exportlich went the president also on the sporting conditions. He recalled the district championship in indoor soccer, the cup victory against mitwitz, the promotion of the second team to the district league and the good performance of the first team. In youth soccer on the small field, the cooperation with the SG rodental, the vfb einberg and the FC oberwohlsbach has been preserved.

In tennis, seven teams took part in matches, and the U 18 team became upper franconian champion. Children’s and adventure gymnastics has developed well. In the field of athletics and winter sports, outstanding performances were again achieved at the german and international level. The chess department reached its high point in 2018 and played in the district league, but was relegated in 2019. The "power women" department knew how to shine through excursions. According to lieb, a new group called "boseln" is planned to create a new organization that offers indoor ice-skating for senior citizens in particular. Furthermore, the "monks" liked more cooperation with the TTC rodental in the future – to bring table tennis closer to children in particular.

The president’s summary: "we can be proud of the fact that we have a lot of lighthouses in our ranks, in addition to the popular sport, which we consider to be extremely important." in addition, last year ended well financially, as evidenced by the financial report of treasurer and vice president peter marscheider. His statement: "the association as a whole has always been in a position to meet its financial obligations in all areas on point."

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