The world of singing stones

The world of singing stones

When the "mutterklang" group a concert in the gothic crypt of mariaburghausen, then a very special sound experience is to be expected.
And even at the fifth such concert, the visitors were not disappointed, whether "regulars" or not or curious people who came for the first time.

With marimbaphone

Michael Scholl's sound stones are meanwhile well known in the district, to make them sing, this technique is refined by the stonemason michael scholl and the two musicians sonja wibmuller and angelika eirich standig. They are also always happy to welcome other musical partners, this time felix graser was there for the first time, his marimbaphone blending in perfectly with the klangsteine's world of sound.

Painting with wet hands

Besides the sound stones, which unfold their sound by stroking with wet hands, many other natural instruments belong to the repertoire of "mutterklang". Floats of various sounds, natural instruments made of wood and stone, and singing bowls transport the listener into a world of their own.
Many sit with eyes closed while the music paints a summer rain, or a rainbow, a sunrise, a flying bird. Michael scholl has written short texts for some of the pieces sung by himself, angelika eirich and sonja wibmuller. On socks they move from instrument to instrument, so as not to disturb the delicate sounds, the pieces flow lovingly into one another, and after almost an hour and a half the listeners are so spellbound, so relaxed and calm, that it takes quite a while for the applause to break out all the more forcefully.
Standing ovation rewarded the four artists and also thanked pastor stephan eschenbacher. He contributed an introductory text that called for reflection on oneself, which the listeners in the concert obviously succeeded in doing well.

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