What the new burgerrathaus in bamberg looks like

What the new burgerrathaus in bamberg looks like

When he enters the building on the southern promenade, mayor andreas starke (SPD) quickly recalls: "I was sampled here, says the 61-year-old as he climbs the stairs to the old entrance to the former district recruiting office. The heavy tur still looks like it did back then. Starke will retain the decades-old memory, as will many other burghers, because the old one is also to be the new entrance to the planned burgerrathaus, which will open its doors in spring 2019.

Work started in 2019

during a tour, strong and financial officer bertram felix now informed about the concept and the progress of the work, which began in april 2019.

With the exception of the entrance, the building will not be altered in any way. According to felix, an elevator will provide barrier-free access in the future. In the town hall, a guidance system suitable for the blind later provides orientation. The 4635 square meters will accommodate 150 employees in 87 offices spread over five floors: at the beginning of 2019, the public order office will move from the city hall on maxplatz to the first floor and the first upper floor. In addition, the social services and youth welfare offices are to be relocated from geyersworth castle, which is in need of renovation, to the upper floors.

However, felix emphasizes: "90 to 95 percent of the citizen's needs will be met without having to go to the upper floors." citizens will find municipal services bundled in one place on the first floor of the town hall.

Municipal utilities and city construction

the central point of contact will be the information desk in the bright atrium, where, for example, new identity cards can be applied for at six different places. In addition, the service center of the municipal utility company and an advisory office of stadtbau will be located on the first floor.

According to mayor stark, the town hall is thus part of the concept of administrative reform, according to which departments are to be concentrated. The building is also being brought up to the latest energy standards and will be supplied with district heating in the future.

The total investment amounts to 8.15 million euros. The project is being funded with 2.6 million from the federal government's municipal investment program.

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