Wide cars – narrow streets

"The cars are getting wider – the roads stay the same." indeed, a dilemma that marktbreit’s mayor erich hegwein pointed out at the building committee meeting on wednesday. This particularly affects towns with a narrow old town center, as was made clear in several points at the committee meeting.

Example schutzenstrabe, where the committee members met for a site visit at the beginning of the meeting. In the short and narrow street there are several apartment buildings, some of which do not have parking spaces on their own property. So they park on the street. This has the advantage that on the street without a sidewalk for pedestrians must often be driven slowly, but in some cases the cars park almost into the crossing area. The legally prescribed distance of five meters is not observed.

A resident had complained about this in a letter to the city and at the same time pointed out that cars were driving too fast in the street, which is also used by many school children. The city has reacted and put up its speed meter. Hegwein explained the results on the spot: 123 vehicles drove through the road on may 24 between 7 a.M. And 6 p.M.20 o’clock to 9.50 o’clock the road, the maximum speed was 46 kilometers per hour, the average was a little over 30 km/h. Hegwein’s conclusion: "there was no speeding."

After a short discussion, the council agreed to mark the five-meter zone to the intersection with ochsenfurter strabe with a zigzag line and to designate a no-stopping zone in the lower area: then four smaller cars could park between them. The situation is monitored and, if necessary, new decisions are made.

The city hopes that new parking spaces just around the corner in ochsenfurter strabe will ease the situation. Here, an old house is being demolished and new parking spaces are to be designated close to the city center (we reported). These parking spaces could also be conveniently used by the residents of the schutzenstrabe.

The city also wants to create new parking spaces in the neubaustrabe area. The parking area on the former turning area is to be extended in the direction of the slope, so that in the end around 15 parking spaces will be available. The construction can be done by the city, the costs are not passed on to the residents.

The reason for the extension of the parking areas is the narrowness of the street in the front area. There had been repeated complaints from the mullers: the blocked street sometimes made regular mull collection impossible – a collection point for mull garbage cans was threatening to be set up. Since the obstruction of the passage also affects rescue vehicles and fire department, the city acted and imposed a parking ban there.

Much to the annoyance of some residents, as was made clear in the meeting: now there is speeding in the neubaustrabe, because the parked vehicles are missing and the lane is free, and there are no parking spaces. In principle, however, the general traffic situation in the neubaustrabe was not a topic in the committee meeting. And so the council unanimously decided to build the additional parking spaces and to take a look at the situation on site at their next meeting.

32 new parking spaces will also be created on the main riverbank in marktbreit. Without any dissenting votes, the council adopted the final version of the plan for the extension of the main river bank from the warehouse to the bridge to segnitz. This planning must now pass the city council, then the grant applications can be made.

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