Goodbye mudslinging

The first item on the agenda of the newly elected municipal council is all about local clear sludge – and its maximum contractual processing in the future. Because agricultural utilization is becoming more and more limited in terms of quantity and disposal is also becoming more and more expensive, the order of the day is to reduce waste and find alternative uses for it.

The joint project of the municipalities of buttenheim, altendorf, hirschaid, frensdorf, memmelsdorf, gundelsheim and strullendorf – where a joint drying plant is to be built under the direction of regionalwerke – is under discussion. The ideal location next to the clarification plant in strullendorf has to do with synergy effects: the waste heat from the neighboring gunreben company is to dry the clarified sludge and reduce its volume. And in turn make it usable for district heating in the combined heat and power plant.

Feasible and affordable?

In addition to a feasibility study, which was requested with 70 percent, there is also a commitment of funds for the actual construction: the model project is to be supported by the federal government with a total of two million euros.

The presentation by the district’s climate protection officer, robert martin, informed the new committee about the tasks, technical dimensions and economic efficiency of the plant and invited them to a fact check. Conclusion time factor: a planning horizon of about one year, so that two access possibilities can be realized in the course of the planned sudan connection. Conclusion cost: about 2.9 million, of which 900000 euros are still to be financed by the operator after deduction of the claim. And with regard to the concerns articulated by individual municipal council members: questions about evt. Odor pollution, assured supply of warm water from the warm water supplier and cost fluctuations with regard to the transport of the clear sludge – all this is still to be clarified in detail.

A truck for the fire department

The fact that the strullendorf fire department is allowed to obtain a logistics truck (TSF-L) for its active vehicle fleet is not part of the requirements plan – but has been unanimously approved by the municipal council as a variation of the same. After the district mistendorf will get the version with roll containers planmabig, decided according to statement of mayor wolfgang desel the leestener crew against the planned TSF-L and for an alternative vehicle. But because such a logistics vehicle is necessary in the core town instead, this variant now goes to strullendorf – while at the same time dispensing with the planned crew vehicle. According to the municipal administration, the exchange within the requirements plan meant hardly any financial shift and was agreed in advance with the district fire officer and district fire inspector.

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