Band has a track for their fans

When bernhard schnabrich and his bandmates played on 3. When they played at the war dance for the first time on february 1989, they didn't expect to perform there ten, 20 or even 25 times. "It is unbelievable what success we had and still have at the war dance in steinwiesen", he says. But what is the secret of this long lasting cooperation between the "ghostriders"? And the "warriors?

"When the then second chairman, peter wahlich, recommended the group 'ghostriders' to us, we didn't know them at all. But we were so positively surprised that we immediately made a contract for the following year", explains gunter deuerling, treasurer of the soldiers and reservists comradeship, as the club is called. And that's how it has remained – after the dance is before the dance. Because the band around drummer bernhard schnabrich responds to the visitors, is oriented to them, it has become a perennial favorite.

Secret of success

"I can't play hardrock at 8pm when there are many couples inside who want to dance. And at midnight, when everything is full of young people, I just have to play for them", says schnabrich. Is this really the secret of success in warrior dancing? Nobody really knows.

But the fact alone that the "ghostriders" are purely at the 9. February with its 25. Appearance with the warrior dance a proud jubilaum celebrate, is in this fast moving time surely a small sensation.

For the contact person of the band there is one more explanation, why they still like to play at the war dance. "It is certainly also due to the really very exuberant mood. There is dancing, laughing, swaying and rocking like hardly anywhere else, and that until 3 o'clock in the morning", laughs the likeable drummer.

In the change of time

But in the course of the years naturally also with the warrior dance a few things have changed. In 1989 it was still a dance for "older semesters, so this changed from year to year. Back then, the tennis carnival was the highlight, but that has also changed over the years. Today one speaks in the district and beyond, which concerns the steinwiesener carnival, apart from the very popular butter evenings and the carnival procession only of the warrior carnival.

The responsible people come up with new theme bars every year. Imaginatively designed, the staff appropriately costumed, a surprise awaits every year again. The good organization, catering and of course the music of the "ghostriders" contribute to the success.

The current lineup

The ghostriders are pure hobby musicians. The current line-up of the band: bernhard schnabrich (drums), wolfgang schnabrich (keyboard, guitar, vocals), rudolf letsch (guitar, vocals), reiner scholz (bass guitar, vocals) and yvonne welscher (vocals).

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