The normal madness in the office

Elke englert the cabaret artist andrea volk showed in habfurt on the weekend, where it goes in the office everyday life long. With their program "festive evening! Buro and berks" she dealt with survival in the digital age 4.0.

Andrea volk presents herself for the first time in southern germany. She wowed with hearty comedy. First came the coffee she was served on the stage of the town hall, and then the daily routine of the office.

Earlier, said volk, team building took place at bowling. Today it is a meeting in the climbing park – with boss in short pants, which violates the geneva convention.

But how do you practice the digital transformation in the office when the "competence team" is consists of more zeros than ones? There is a war at the copier and bio-susanne thinks more of mindfulness training in the tea kitchen than of working in the office, the cabaret artist described. This goes so far that the bureaucratic terror resurrects erich honecker. There are more meetings than time to think, more software than solutions … And wacky colleagues who make you crazy.

The guests in the rathaushalle were laughing so hard and many of them obviously felt like they were in their own office life. Andrea volk got a lot of approval and applause – in between and especially at the end of the evening.

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