Fight night holds what it promises

The audience, which numbered 300 at the top, did not have to regret coming. Seven hours of kickboxing were offered in the aischgrundhalle in adelsdorf. Appropriately for the tenth anniversary of the club, the local kickboxing team kainer had called the tenth fight night. 40 fighters followed the invitation, besides some local heroes fighters from hochstadt, neunkirchen am brand and from three erlanger clubs wanted to show their skills.

And they did in all 23 fights, as co-organizer tobias kainer states with satisfaction. "No matter if it was the newcomers or the heavyweight: i didn’t see any beginner mistakes like turning away or hitting blindly." the fight night, which over the years has evolved from a club championship to a gala, has already given a good taste of the competition season starting in february.

"I have seen some really good fights", reports kainer, who naturally focused his attention on his adelsdorf "franken fighters" addressed. "Svenja viertel was clearly inferior to her opponent in the first round in the weight category up to 60 kilos, but then managed to turn things around with fighting spirit and bite. Jochen holtfoth, who at 50 years of age was the oldest fighter at the fight night, also sold himself well, but was narrowly beaten by peter wildenauer."

Substitute for the substitute

Furthermore the heavyweight fight between rene behringer and andreas willert from KBC hochstadt was a tasty treat. Originally, another opponent had been planned for willert, but the flu put a spoke in his wheel, as it did for the substitute candidate. So the ten-kilo lighter behringer prepared himself and gave the favored hochstadter a great fight, which willert won. "That was good advertising for kickboxing", emphasizes kainer, who is very satisfied with the course of the fight night, even if there was one injured person to mourn. "One of our fighters twisted his knee. But that happened without outside influence."

For the fight night 2019 the people of adelsdorf nevertheless announce a change in the rules and regulations. "We will then dispense with light contact combat and offer only full contact." light contact, according to kainer, is a matter of interpretation, depending on what the arbitrator lets pass. "If you are set up for light contact and then take a hard hit, it sometimes hurts more than if you know that full contact is being fought", kainer explains the decision.

This does not contradict the youth work, in which the adelsdorfers want to focus more on protect-fight in the future, where already seven year olds are allowed to fight with full body protection. That increases the appeal, especially since a kickboxing student – depending on his talent and training – can have his first real fight after only half a year or three quarters of a year.

"The fight night, which is not an association tournament, provides the right stage for it. Newcomers get a chance to get a taste of the ring without being exposed to a serious competitive situation.", kainer explains. Before becoming independent, the club was for many years a department of the SC or DJK adelsdorf, was at times affiliated with a fitness studio, and today has around 160 active members, 80 of whom are children.

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