Baunach wants to become rougher

The baunach city council wants to get a little rougher and create space, especially for young families. Frank schonfelder of the strunz planning group from bamberg informed the city council about this at its meeting.
14 new building sites are to be created in the roderweg sud development plan, located between biotopflachen and the existing building area. The development area will be bordered by a landmark, plots between 500 and 900 square meters are planned, a ring road is planned. For future builders, there is almost unlimited freedom, as the city council recommended a free construction method without too many regulations. Mayor ekkehard hojer (CBB) suggested cisterns for rainwater, and plans include a 6.80-meter-wide ring road. Frank schonfelder took up the suggestions and will present them to the city council in one of its next meetings.
Two proposals were also submitted by the CSU faction: the first concerned the installation of a public bookcase, similar to the bookcase already set up in reckendorf. It is planned to set up such a book cell near the madgalenen chapel in the neighborhood of the kindergarten, and other locations include the area of the burgerhaus in priegendorf, centrally located at the bus shelter in sendelbachstrabe or at the burgerhaus in dorgendorf, which is currently being rebuilt. Depending on the location, a power supply had to be ensured and weather protection measures had to be carried out. The costs for a booker cell amounted to 5000 euro, whereby the transport probably makes the lowenanteil out. With one dissenting vote, the council decided to first request one or two of these disused telephone booths from berlin and then to decide on one or two locations.
The second motion of the CSU faction concerned the bavarian mobile radio demand program, in which the city of baunach should participate. Although, in the opinion of the city council, there were still some supply gaps within the city of baunach, especially in its suburbs, the map presented documented that baunach was sufficiently supplied and that such an application therefore had little chance of success.
With one dissenting vote, however, the city council of the "initiative for synergetic networking and strengthening the cooperation of the actors on the main" resolved to join. With representatives from specialized authorities, the economy and tourism as well as local politicians this "gemainsamen" stieb initiative on rough interest.

Demand initiatives

at the request of the mayor, a new item on the agenda was the presentation of new demand initiatives for the revitalization of town centers and for flat sealing as part of the urban development demand. After a discussion with the government of upper franconia, the city of baunach could probably join the demand initiative "inside instead of outside" be included, at a rate of 80 percent of the eligible costs. The city council unanimously decided to register the following measures for the demand program: the renovation, modernization and repair of the zent barn to accommodate the wooden manner, the landmark of baunach, the implementation of the inner-city redensification with the creation of housing in the old town area, the area "old sports field" and the implementation of a development plan for "multigenerational living.

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