Advent calendar (22): bratwurst, punch and contemplation

Uschi brown and ottmar schlander stand in the kitzingen city center almost every day until christmas eve. In their small stand at the christmas market, sausages are sizzling on one side. On the other slowly warming up the fire tongs punch. Brown and slender hats the stand of the butchery geiger.

According to the two, a few hundred cups and sausages go over the counter here on a good day. Things can get hectic even during the festive season. But uschi brown won’t let herself get stressed out. For you it is already the fifth year on the kitzingen christmas market. Actually she is a pensioner. Their colleague ottmar schandler participated for the first time this year.

In the summer, the two work in a swimming pool kiosk. During the christmas season, they notice that their customers remain more relaxed in comparison. "They’re just not as stressed and take more time", says brown. But even between the booths and the surrounding businesses, the atmosphere is christmassy. The bakery fackelmann would bring you coffee and cake every day.

The last few years, brown also stood at the market at noon on christmas eve. But she has never been afraid to work on christmas: "simply because it makes me happy here." this year, however, she will once again spend christmas completely with her family. She looks forward to it.

Turchen on: in our advent calendar we present every day people who are working on christmas.

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