Oberbach concert thrills the audience

Two years had passed since the last christmas concert in the oberbach parish church of maria himmelfahrt. And as always, there was not a vacant seat left in the huge house of worship, which is also referred to as "rhon dome" is titled.

Creating a beautiful experience

Frank lohmuller from the oberbacher brass band, which only intersperses very restrained and sporadic musical accents in the very varied program at the christmas concert, put the concert visitors in the mood for the end of the year. "We are bombarded with thousands of messages every day", said lohmuller. This does not make it easy for people to come to rest. It is all the more important that at least once a year there is a time when it is possible to pause, to process what has been experienced, to distinguish the essential from the unessential and to be grateful for the beautiful moments that we were able to experience in the past year. "We would like to create another beautiful experience with our christmas concert", so lohmuller. Because music is the best way to convey the emotions of the christmas season.

Sangers also good to see

Musical diversity was the trump card at the christmas concert of the oberbach brass band. The powerful-voiced singers of the black mountains presented, among other things, the "hymn to the night", "my lord what a morning" as well as the devotional yodel. This year, the singers, who were usually positioned rather hidden in the choir loft, were not only audible but also clearly visible, because they were positioned in the choir room.

Also "the auersberg buam have long been part of the repertoire of the christmas concert and contributed lively melodic pieces such as "dann fehlst du mir so sehr" ("then I miss you so much"), "peace in all hearts", "are you with me, then it’s christmas" or also "dear christ child fly down to me" at. The young musicians of the brass band, under the direction of conductor heiko fuchs, performed "O tannenbaum" and "it’s going to happen" two real perennial favorites among the christmas songs before.

Special surprise

Peter and patrick heil always come up with something very special for the oberbach christmas concerts. This year father peter sang "you raise me up" on the panflote accompanied by son patrick on the piano. They also had "hallelujah" as well as "christmas dreams rehearsed. The guitar group from oberbach rounded off the diverse program. Together with the neighbor children was "thick red candles" presented. In addition, the guitar group had an interpretation of "A weihnacht wie’s fruher war" (christmas as it used to be) in the pack. The brass band itself rose with "concerto d’amore" in the program, later presented "advent at the lake", "love can build a bridge" and "the second waltz. A jointly sung "O du frohliche" (oh you are happy) formed the atmospheric conclusion of an all around successful concert.

"I wish all of you that in the coming year you will find the time for the essentials", said lohmuller. The church was filled to capacity and was impressive proof that people also like to take time for reflection.

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