Demonstration of faith

Demonstration of faith

Young people from the parish community "maintal/heilige lander went with deacon joachim stapf on the way to the zeiler kappele.

During this youth pilgrimage from ebelsbach to zeiler kapellenberg, in which about 60 young people and some adults participated, the joy of faith of the young people was surprising, as the parish community reported. Deacon stapf said: "we adults could sometimes learn so much from the young people. They live their faith completely uninhibited and really enjoy praying together." the young pilgrims prayed in the vineyards for the preservation of the creation, for spiritual vocations and also for more self-confidence to get involved in the discussions about the future of the church.

At selected stops along the pilgrimage route, some of the sacraments of the church were examined more closely and discussed with the young people. This is how baptism was celebrated at the village fountain in steinbach. Here, water was blessed and a small ceremony was held to remind us of our own baptism. At the "laughing vineyard house" above ziegelanger, prayers were said for peace, which the worshippers always wished for in a eucharistic celebration.

The sacrament of the eucharist was the focus at the ziegelanger village church. In front of the church, the young pilgrims shared some flatbreads with the villagers and had a meal in an offering ceremony.

Jesus christ was deliberately invited to the meal in the common prayer. One of the candidates for confirmation said: "it was really touching when we joined hands in the middle of the village to say the lord’s prayer and then broke the bread to share it."

The path continued along the steep eselssteig to the mountain chapel above zeil. The youth pilgrimage ended with a eucharistic celebration in which youth pastor andreas hartung spoke about the sacrament of confirmation.

Deacon stapf, who accompanies the young people from the parish community and prepares them for the sacrament of confirmation, was enthusiastic about this demonstration of the faith of young people. The confirmation will be given to the 50 candidates for confirmation on tuesday, 5 tuesday, 5 tuesday, 5 tuesday, 5 tuesday, 5 tuesday, 5 tuesday. November, 11 a.M., in breitbrunn donated by auxiliary bishop ullrich boom

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