Murder axe, sword and knife

It will be sharp, sharp and at least theoretically painful next friday at 19.30 o'clock in the bavarian brewery museum to go to. Everyone knows the terms sword, dagger and rapier or has heard of long knives. But what kind of weapons were they really? What they consisted of? And how were they actually used in battle? These are the questions that the friends of plassenburg castle are investigating together with historian, archivist and weapons expert daniel burger.
The expert will also demonstrate with real weapons that many movies and tv series like "game of thrones" are based on not necessarily show the correct handling of such objects. Medieval fights are often shown in films and medieval fairs as rough actions, as dull "hitting" shown. But this does not correspond to the historical facts. Doctrines from the 14th century., 15. And early 16. The eighteenth century shows that the european middle ages possessed their own, highly specialized martial art. This much is already revealed: long knives were not necessarily found in the cakes at the end of the middle ages.
On display will be precise modern reconstructions as well as blunt training weapons. The participation in the lecture evening is free of charge. 

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