Three women compete for the crown in pressig

Three women compete for the crown in pressig

While the election campaign is drawing to a close all over germany, the battle for the throne in pressig is only just beginning. A trio of female candidates is competing there for the favor of the citizens of burgen in the election of the wine queen. The charming candidates for the throne were presented to the public in the country inn treuner. The candidates have one thing in common: their willingness to get involved in their home communities.

17-year-old adriana fortsch is training to be a saleswoman and is currently working in the "young fashion" department of a department store busy. "When the chairman of the market pressig action group, wolfgang fortsch, asked me if i would stand as a candidate, i spontaneously agreed," she says with a laugh, she explains. "First of all, i think that the young generation should also be involved in making the market town of pressig more attractive, and secondly, it is certainly fun to volunteer for such a good cause." she could well imagine meeting lots of people and gaining new experiences, says adriana fortsch.

A reference to wine
With a smile, she adds: "i also have a bit of a direct connection to wine, since we enjoy a glass in our family every now and then." her hobbies are swimming, cycling and listening to music.
Anna ringlstetter is almost used to being in the public eye. The student of music and german at secondary schools is a musical talent. She plays clarinet and saxophone with passion. The 23-year-old is already a state-certified conductor for symphonic wind orchestras and has been deputy conductor of the symphonic youth orchestra in kups for some time now.

Besides making music, she also enjoys cooking, although there is little time left to pursue other hobbies. Anna ringlstetter is convinced that she will be able to represent the market township as wine queen in a worthy manner, after all, she loves the conviviality and the contact with people.

New challenge
She also sees no problem in speaking in front of an audience. "I am used to being on stage", she says laughing. Anna ringlstetter says confidently about her intention for the application: "with my open-minded, direct and yet humorous manner, I can convey joy to people."

Sophia tremel, at 16, is the youngest of the three candidates for the throne. This summer she graduated from high school with the intermediate level of education. She is now looking forward to training as a health and medical nurse. "My hobbies are listening to music, reading a good book, cooking, baking, meeting friends and partying. I'm running as a wine queen because I've been interested in this experience for a long time", she emphasizes.

Announcement on 29. September
Mayor Hans Pietz asked her if she would like to run for election "i said yes straight away and am looking forward to the time ahead and of course to the election as well."

The board of the AG markt pressig was pleased to be able to present three attractive young ladies for election. In addition, on this occasion, the queen's wine was presented and tasted. These are noble wines of two grape varieties – a weiber rivaner castell and a red domina. This wine is only available in a limited edition with the label "koniginnenwein 2013" be available.

The board members wolfgang fortsch and brigitte porzelt thanked the dedicated ladies who represented the market pressig as wine queen (melanie hofmann) and princesses (anna schuberth and anja zwosta) in the past year. They had shown a very rough commitment to their hometown.

In the next few days, the ballot paper can be filled out in the AG's member stores. The payment, the enthronement and the coronation will take place on sunday, 29. September, at 7 p.M. In a small celebration hour at the country inn treuner in rothenkirchen. For this open sunday, the board of directors is preparing an attractive supporting program.

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