Night swimming in the Burghaslach outdoor pool

"Sunrise" – sunrise hit one of the cocktails oliver fink mixed for his guests at the bar. Until sunrise, however, the visitors of the "night swim" were able to enjoy the swimming pool no party in the burghaslach outdoor pool. At midnight it was over – at least that's what was announced.

A huge fun for big and small, for young and old was this nightly bath spab anyway. But swimming on a bright august day is already a pleasure. Even more beautiful is the bathing pleasure at night, according to all surveyed visitors. But it was also beautiful to see how the many lights were reflected on the water, how the water-spitting mushroom in the spittoon was surrounded by a golden curtain of fire, and how a dreamlike starry sky shone above it all. There it needed actually nothing more, in order "to be in a good mood", as one teenager said.

Water temperature: 26 degrees

"Totally happy" were also verena and franziska from breitenlohe, who were on the way with lukas. Lukas had actually preferred to spend the whole night in the bathroom. "We were already there today at noon", said verena. But the friends did not want to miss such a night. The two girls were already standing at the edge of the pool, a bit frosty, because to describe the night from saturday to sunday as lukewarm would indeed be an exaggeration. But it was all the warmer in the water, the young people were happy to hear and enthusiastically jumped into the pool.

The water temperature was announced at 26 degrees. Judging by the visit, this may also have corresponded to reality. There was no music at the pools. "Ollie" (oliver fink) had only a part in the front area of the bath "sounded". It's a great place to sit down and enjoy a beer or cocktail. Whereby the drinks – with or without alcohol – went over the counter at very moderate prices.
From the elevated seat there was a view of the swimming pool and water slide. Until then the music did not penetrate. What many who simply wanted to make their rounds in peace and quiet certainly felt to be an advantage. Even the young visitors had no problem with it: "we bring our own music" they call such a method, said a youth who wished to remain anonymous.

Drunks are not allowed in the water

How is this to be reconciled – alcohol and swimwear? Wolfgang, who as a supervisor never lost sight of the pools, spoke of "increased vigilance". "If i see someone staggering or drunk, i don't let them in the water." good so! Although oliver fink had no worries in this respect: "they are all very sensible", he judges his guests. He must know, because fink has been running the burghaslach pool since 1999 and this night swim was not his first. However, it had to compete with church consecrations and an open-air concert in the surrounding area.

Mayor Hermann Wehr (NBL) is very satisfied with fink: "he runs the bath and maintains it on his own responsibility." the market town of burghaslach has spent 2.5 million on upgrading its open-air swimming pool, and it seems that the community is perfectly happy with it. As well as wolfgang treuheit, whom we met at the bar: "i think the night is great", he answers our question. But he was a permanent guest anyway. "I swim here every evening after work."

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