90-Year-old woman dies in a fire at an old people’s home

90-year-old woman dies in a fire at an old people's home

According to initial findings, the fire broke out in the 90-year-old’s first-floor apartment for initially unknown reasons. She could only be rescued dead, her apartment completely burned out. "There’s nothing intact", said a police spokesman. Residents of adjacent apartments were brought to safety.

Firefighters and police were in rough action. When the rescuers arrived around 5.When they arrived at the scene of the fire at 30 a.M., the flames were already leaping meters high from the first-floor apartment. A spokesman for the fire department said that more than 15 residents had been temporarily taken to safety in the dining hall. No one was injured. About 60 firefighters prevented the flames from spreading to neighboring apartments. Smoke and leaking water, however, damaged some rooms. After one and a half hours, the fire was under control.

According to the police spokesman, all seniors who had to leave their apartments because of the fire could be accommodated later on. How the fire started will probably not be known until the middle of the week, he said. The damage was estimated at 100,000 euros.

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