Bathing spab with distance rules

The summer swimming season under corona hygiene rules went well. In any case, better than could have been expected in the spring, during the lockdown. Martin luders, the managing director of freizeit-gmbh, is satisfied with the utilization of the bathing lake as well as the camping site and the canoe rental. Now he and his team are turning their attention to the fall and winter, to the indoor swimming pool season at the aquariese. They prepared for it as best they could. The staffelstein leisure pool is one of the few facilities in the surrounding area that is open to the public. The indoor swimming pools in bamberg and coburg remain closed. The "merania in lichtenfels is open at the usual times.

For canoe rental companies, says luders, the fluctuating level of the mains due to low precipitation in recent years has always been a problem. However, the drought had little effect on the canoe and standup paddle season at the leisure company, luders sums up. Because this was to be expected in advance, paddling tours on the main between hausen and lichtenfels were mainly offered. In this section, there is always enough water in the riverbed due to the dam of the hausen power plant. In addition, the paddlers could admire banz monastery, staffelberg mountain and vierzehnheiligen from here – in addition to water sports on the natural river.

"Vacation by the water"

Under the motto "vacation on the water" the guided canoe tours had been advertised, which were well received. Local guides accompanied the paddlers and pointed out scenic and architectural attractions as well as gastronomic specialties. "The canoeing season went well, says luders "that’s why we want to offer it again next year"."

He is equally satisfied with the summer season at the campsite and at the bathing lake: "things really took off in july and august." for september, luders even expects an increase in the number of overnight stays. The hygienic requirements did not pose a problem here: "we ensured the corona-conditioned distance by the number of visitors and the place at the lake." at the bathing lake the upper limit was set at 1200 visitors at the same time. This could be well maintained on the extensive land of the beach: "we calculated ten square meters per person." although the contact data collection at the entrance initially held visitors up a little, they showed understanding for it. Martin luders: "we wanted to give people the feeling that they are on vacation – despite the mandatory masks in the entrance area."

You can’t do it without masks

But now the fall and winter season begins at the indoor pool. The team has prepared itself thoroughly for this. "Here, everything is regulated by the square." although the capacity of the pool is much higher in normal times, in the coming months a maximum of 150 people will be allowed in the pool halls and changing rooms at the same time. Here, too, the guest data will be recorded on a form or digitally via QR code. In the summer, it was found that people of all ages preferred to register using a form rather than a QR code on their cell phone, says luders.

However, it will not be possible without masks in the changing area and the showers. "In the pool, we’re keeping our distance, and that’s working quite well. What remains important is mutual respect, understanding and a little patience", martin luders sums up. New is that from now on only children over the age of twelve will be allowed to enter the pool unaccompanied.

Start of training and education

Because the coarse bathers in neighboring towns such as bamberg and coburg remain closed, martin luders and his team are preparing for a stronger influx of visitors in the coming months. "We are one of the few bathers who have opened," he says, he says. In the meantime, swimming clubs from further afield had already signed up to start their training and educational activities next week. For this reason, a hygiene concept has been worked out so that the swimmers from the clubs can keep a distance from the private bathers in the pools and changing rooms. The team has been working on this for a long time, and the team has been working on this for a long time.

The schools in ebensfeld and bad staffelstein are also using the pool again for swimming lessons. Water rescue and DLRG, which used to train outdoors at the lakes, now start their training sessions in the indoor pool.

Animations for children

In october, luders continues, animation will resume. In addition, the children pay for the sliding competition and the trial diving lessons. Starting next month, the aquariese will also offer swimming courses for children and adults. Martin luders is confident: "we would now like to get back to our normal routine."

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