Firefighters “rescued” one child at a time

Firefighters 'rescued' one child at a time

"All children rescued!" – this was probably the most important message of a respiratory protection officer after returning from the smoky kindergarten after a fire department action week drill. The fire departments of the administrative community had done a good job.

The starting point for the firefighting operation was an unclear smoke development in the gym of the kindergarten and missing children in the building. A total of around 70 firefighters from the volunteer fire departments of redwitz, unterlangenstadt, obristfeld, marktgraitz, trainau and mannsgereuth were involved in the operation. Deputy commandant stefan will was in charge, KBM tobias winterbauer acted as an observer.

The attack on the alleged source of the fire was carried out with several breathing apparatus teams. From the tanker, from the hydrants and from the hutweidsee a loschwasserversorgung was built up. The location of the day care center proved to be a distinct advantage here: from all four sides, the task forces were able to fight the source of the fire.

Due to the smoke development, it was only possible for respiratory protection troops to penetrate the interior of the kindergarten. There the respirators searched for the missing children. Even though it was only a training mission, the children were relieved when they were "rescued" were. One by one the children were taken to the treatment area. The remaining kindergarten children had previously been brought to safety by emergency workers to the collection point behind the kindergarten.

At the debriefing, the two commanders alexander preibinger and stefan will were satisfied with the exercise.

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