Pepper carp for the exam

A real carp game took place recently in schwarzenbach. But neither the association nor the host were the organizers: carmen gugel set up "the party" about the future, and she also had a very special reason for this.

The 23-year-old wants to become a master of home economics and is currently in the middle of her final exam. For the exam she has to present a six-month project work.

Carmen, born in fetzelhofen, is married to thomas gugel from schwarzenbach. His part-time farm also includes a carp pond. While up to now the pond was fished and the carps were sold directly to the trader, carmen now had the idea with the fish festival. Although she had little to do with carp so far. They didn’t know how to eat them or how to prepare them. But that was soon to change for the mother of one-and-a-half-year-old jakob.

Carmen gugel hired friends to slaughter the carp. In the kitchen she had support from mother and aunts. Carmen got the necessary know-how for the preparation from her mother-in-law, but also from cookery books.

For there were aubergewohnliche dishes on the menu. For starters, a self-pickled carp salad, i.E. Raw fish dressed with paprika, and a carp soup with carp dumplings.

As main courses carmen offered besides the classics carp baked and peppery also baked fillet, carp crunchies and fillet on mousse with champagne-mustard-sobe. Served with potato and endive salad.

To ensure that everything was in order, the trained hotel manager obtained a guesthouse permit. The event was held at the local fire station. With an ad she drew attention to her fish festival. "Already 75 guests had registered in advance", says gugel. She confesses: "I had not expected such an onslaught." luck was that the sun laughed from the sky. Because this way the place in front of the fire station could also be seated.

In the end, 96 main dishes were served, with a large proportion of the guests coming from schwarzenbach itself and the surrounding villages.

Carmen gugel is not yet sure whether she wants to repeat such a festival. Now it is their task for the time being to prepare a documentation from the carp game for the examination. She has until april to do this, after which she will most likely be able to call herself a master of home economics.

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