Coburg encounters with the amigos and their fans

So now I'm standing in the foyer of the congress center and I'm on the trail of a phenomenon. The amigos are guests today and for many bystanders the fan hubbub is hard to understand. I look around a bit and am surprised: my friends karin and rosi are here – I usually meet them at the landestheater or at the open air at the schlossplatz.

Of course i'll come right back at you with my standard question for today: "why are you fans of the amigos??" the answer of karin is then nevertheless somewhat verbluffend. "We got the cards from our grandpa for christmas and have no idea who they are." but i quickly realize that the girlfriends are the gross exception in the audience.
On my way to my seat, I talk to two couples in the back row. They are pleased to tell me about the amigos. Monika has come from bad rodach with her husband and is attending her seventh amigos concert today. She has been a big fan for six years and has also infected her husband.

Amigo songs at saraspo
Next door sits herbert from frohnlach with his wife and the two are not only fans. Herbert is the musical director of the saraspo frohnlach and has there with three friends the group "die eichenbergsanger" founded. "Of course we also have songs by the amigos in our program and they are always a hit at all our performances" tells herbert. On my way, i meet six-year-old jannis from neustadt. He has not only both pairs of grobeltern with him, but also his car seat, so he can see the amigos well. "I already know many songs and in kindergarten I will tell you how it was." for the little fan the grannies have bought a teddy of the amigos right at the big sales booth.

It's getting dark in the auditorium and the credits are playing on the stage as the two brothers make their way to coburg and onto the stage in their truck. Then they come out and the atmosphere in the sold-out congress center is about to rise. "Their songs have beautiful melodies. We understand the lyrics, they make us forget our sorrows and worries" was heard very often. Bernd thinks so too. "Take a look at today's television program, more and more murder and manslaughter, and on every other station there's a man with a skirt behind the saucepan. For this the folk music broadcasts must give way."

during the intermission I try to talk to the amigo fan club. Its leader marion fosel gives me also immediately information:" we are from kups and have 180 members from all over germany. In addition to attending concerts, i also organize fan meetings with their own programs."

In the foyer i meet my girlfriends. I let my gaze wander, perhaps to find another special fan. At the next table there is a lady who stands out from the rest of the audience. Judging by the appearance, I expected her to be with peter maffay or elton john. Bettina emigrated to paraguay 32 years ago and sells german and french bakery products there. During her last visit to germany four years ago, she saw the amigos by chance in the musikantenstadl, bought a cd and in the meantime has followed the development of the two brothers on the internet from paraguay. "The lyrics have already gotten me over bad times and they always give you new courage." after the intermission, on the open space behind me, couples suddenly meet to dance and create a real atmosphere. Heike had her birthday today and received the card from her brother.

Commitment for white ring
Once, bernd ulrich, one of the amigo brothers, does depart a little from the ideal world with his words. The amigos have been supporting the victims' organization "weisser ring" for many years and have a song for it in their program. "Even if we are laughed at by many of our colleagues, because this will certainly not be a hit, it is a special need for us. We must protect our children and always keep our eyes open, do not look away." also for these words the fans give him applause. In the foyer after the concert i meet bettina again. She wants to wait for an autograph and a joint photo and stands in the already long waiting line.

On leaving, I noticed that the manner ratio today was not so bad at all. By the way, I only found some people who not only came voluntarily, but are also real amigo fans.

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